Jürgen Vogel

Titel: Dr. rer. nat.

Fax: +49 621 181-2601

Email: juergen.vogel(at)eml.org


My research is mainly focused on distributed interactive applications, i.e., applications that allow multiple users to interact via the Internet independently of location and time. Important examples for such applications are shared whiteboards, distributed virtual environments, groupware systems, workspaces, software development tools for teams, and network computer games. These applications often have a replicated architecture which makes their development challenging: Each user runs a complete instance of the application so that all application data is replicated. Changes in that data then need to be distributed to all participating sites such that the local data copies are kept consistent. Besides these technical issues, the collaborative process among users needs to be supported.

More specifically, I am interested in

  • Consistency control algorithms for keeping local copies of replicated data consistent.
  • Late join algorithms to initialize new session members with the current shared state.
  • Mechanisms that increase the awareness among participants and that support multi-user collaboration.
  • Applications that allow interleaved synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.
  • Realization of algorithms such that they are reusable for different applications.
  • Application-level protocols for the transport of data.
  • Protocols for efficient group communication, i.e., application-level and IP multicast.
  • Overlay networks and peer-to-peer systems.
  • Simulation analysis of network protocols and algorithms.
  • User interfaces and the impact of the aforementioned mechanisms on the user.

Curriculum vitae

I studied Computer Science and Business Administration at the University of Mannheim from 1994 till 1999. From 1997 till 1999, I was also a research assistant for the Department of "Praktische Informatik IV" where I developed features for the digital lecture board (dlb). My Master's Thesis on "Entwurf und Implementierung eines generischen Late Join Algorithmus für interaktive Medien" was advised by Martin Mauve. In 1999, I graduated as M.S. with honors and ranked first in class.

Since 2000, I am a research associate at the Department of "Praktische Informatik IV". In 2004, I completed my PhD. The title of my thesis is "Consistency Algorithms and Protocols for Distributed Interactive Applications". Besides my research projects (see below), I am responsible for instructing graduate students, mainly in classes on computer networks.

In summer 2002, I spent 3 month at IBM Research in Cambridge, MA, and worked on consistency algorithms for a novel peer-to-peer application, Instant Collaboration (see below for a short description).

Detailed CV
Since December 2004, I am a Research Staff Member at the European Media Lab in Heidelberg (EML). To contact me, please mail to juergen[dot]vogel[at]eml[dot]org.