Former and Current Research Projects

The Lehrstuhl für Praktische Informatik IV does research in the area of Multimedia Systems. For many years we concentrated on algorithms for video analysis. We were among the first groups worldwide to develop text recognition algorithms for digital videos. Another topic of research was video abstraction where the system tries to automatically derive a short summary of a longer video. We have also worked on video repurposing: We designed new algorithms that map large-screen video to very small screens (e.g., on mobile phones) without losing relevant information. And we have designed and implemented an HDR (High Dynamic Range) video system. It takes multiple photos per video frame at different shutter speeds and composes them computationally into one optimally exposed frame, in real time. In the CamMark project we have developed a simulated video camcorder that can be taylored to the properties of a real camcorder and its recording context. We also work on the procedural (algorithmic) content generaton for games where we have designed and implemented tools to automatically create street layouts and buildings for cities.