Data Security (FSS 2018)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Frederik Armknecht

Teaching Assistants: Vasily Mikhalev, Christian Müller

Oral Exam: During written exams period (first 2 weeks after the lecture period)

Second Oral Examination: During second written exams period (last week of August, CW35)

Second Exam Information

The oral exam takes place in room B2.04 (in B6 26) during the last week of August (CW 35).

Exam Information

The oral exam takes place in room B2.04 (in B6 26) on the following days:

  1. Monday, June 04, 2018, from 0930h to 1605h;
  2. Wednesday, June 06, 2018, from 0930h to 1605h;
  3. Monday, June 11, 2018, from 0930h to 1625h;
  4. Tuesday, June 12, 2018, from 0930h to 1625h;
  5. Wednesday, June 13, 2018, from 0930h to 1605h.

Exam slots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Please provide your full name or the first 4 characters from your university ID as a pseudonym and pick a slot from the doodle:

Note that this is a private poll, so others are unable to see the information you provide. Furthermore, you do not have to create an account for participating.

You may find the (irregularly updated) exam schedule on Ilias:

Lecture & Exercise

  • Mondays: 10:15-11:45h, room: A2.04 in B6 23-25
  • Tuesdays: 10:15-11:45h, room: A1.01 in B6 23-25


We have an ILIAS course, which you may find here.

Content Description

Nowadays, users are more and more revealing data to the outside - either willingly as in the context of cloud computing or possibly unconsciously as in the case of the Internet of Things. The aim of this lecture is to raise awareness by showing various security threats, e.g., traces left in the Internet, but also possible countermeasures, e.g., anonymization of data or the use of dedicated encryption schemes.

Learning Goals

Students will acquire the knowledge to identify security threats and to select and use appropriate countermeasures.

Methodological competence
Successful participants will be able to understand state-of-the-art methods of IT-security and cryptography, as well as being able to select, apply, and evaluate the most appropriate techniques for a variety of different security-sensitive scenarios. In particular they are able to realize possible risks in new scenarios and to transfer given solutions to these.

Personal competence
The analytic, concentrated, and precise thinking of the students is trained. By the independent treatment of applications, e.g. in the course of the ex-ercises, their abstraction capacity is further developed and the transfer of the learned material to related questions is trained.


There are no formal prerequisites but knowledge in cryptography or IT-security is recommended, e.g., by attending the lectures "Kryptographie I" or "Selected Topics in IT-Security".

Lecture Roadmap (tentative)

Last update on: 2018-05-14
Date Room Topics
02/12 A2.04 Introduction & Value of Data
02/13 A1.01 Social Media
02/19 A2.04 Mass Surveillance
02/20 A1.01 Exercise
02/26 A2.04 Symmetric Cryptography
02/27 A1.01 IPsec
03/05 A2.04 Exercise
03/06 A1.01 Asymmetric Cryptography + VPN & TOR
03/12 A2.04 VPN & TOR
03/13 A1.01 Cookies
03/19 A2.04 Cookies + Fingerprinting
03/20 A1.01 Exercise
03/26 /**
03/27 * Easter
04/02 * Holidays
04/03 **/
04/09 A2.04 Fingerprinting
04/10 A1.01 Other Profiling Methods
04/16 A2.04 Other Profiling Methods
04/17 A1.01 Exercise
04/23 A2.04 Smart Metering vs. Information Leakage
04/24 A1.01 Smart Homes vs. Information Leakage
04/30 // No Lecture
05/01 // Labor Day
05/07 A2.04 Legal Aspects
05/08 A1.01 Definition of Privacy + Cloud Computing & Storage
05/14 A2.04 Cloud Security & Side Channels
05/15 A1.01 Exercise
05/21 // Pentecost
05/22 A1.01 Proof of Retrievability and Location + Homomorphic Encryption
05/28 A2.04 Machine Learning on Encrypted Data + Privacy-Preserving Record Linkage
05/29 A1.01 Wrap-Up & Q 'n' A