Cryptography is nowadays daily used, e.g., for ensuring secure Internet communication. Particularly important are encryption schemes that aim to provide confidentiality of data. Over the last decades, cryptographers developed several schemes that are in practical use everywhere. As major goal is to provide security, it is necessary to understand how the security of such schemes is evaluated. In fact, the evaluation of cryptographic schemes represents an own research field, termed "cryptanalysis". 

Consequently, a comprehensive education of cryptography is only possible if at least the most important cryptanalysis techniques are taught as well. Unfortunately, often these techniques are not easy to understand. The goal of this teamproject is to develop measures that support the teaching of the most important cryptographic attacks. To this end, the project will be a collaboration with the team of the open source software "CrypTool 2" (CT2). CT2 allows to visualize cryptographic algorithms and is a popular tool in education. For example, it is regularly used in the lectures on cryptography given here at the University of Mannheim. 

While CT2 provides a variety of algorithms already, there is a lack of modules that visualize attacks. The aim of this project is to close this gap. 



Kickoff Meeting

As announced over the mailing list, the kickoff meeting takes place on March 11 at 3 PM in room A303 in B6, 26. 

Slides of the kickoff meeting.

Background material

Below the links to the recommended material are given. If some of the links stop working, you can try to find the papers yourself using the description or contact the supervisors for assistance.

Group 1 (Students 1 & 2) – Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis


Group 2 (Students 3 & 4) – Attacking Key Schedule/Related-Key Attacks


Group 3 (Students 5 & 6) – Trade-off Attacks


Group 4 (Students 7 & 8) – Correlation and Meet-in-the-middle Attacks

 Group 5 (Students 9 & 10) – Algebraic Attacks and Guess-and-Determine-Attacks