A Camcorder Copy Simulation as Watermarking Benchmark for Digital Video

A system and a data set for the classification of iconic images. 

A Serious Game about Business Ethics. [more]

While digital fast-paced action games are played by a broad audience among the whole world, their educational value is uncertain to say the least. The project Word Domination is a step towards combining these highly motivating games with learning content to create an enjoyable serious game. [more]

Geotagging, the process of combining geographical information with media files, is quite common with images nowadays. For videos, however, this trend has not become popular yet. This project presents both techniques for recording those geotagged videos and for displaying them on an interactive map. [more]

The goal of this project is to develop novel interfaces to allow users to interact with hyperlinked videos. A second research question focuses on technical challenges like tracking of hyper objects and simultaneous multi-user interactions.


Media retargeting is about the automatic adaptation of images and videos for smartphones and other small handheld multimedia devices."

High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging is a technique to overcome the limitations of traditional Low Dynamic Range (LDR) imaging equipment. While LDR capturing devices often cannot capture a scene's full range of brightness variations, leaving under- or overexposed areas in the image, HDR imaging provides algorithms to produce pictures that preserve detail in the dark and bright regions simultaneously. This set of methods can be extended to create HDR videos in real-time.

Automatic content analysis of audio and video data analysis provides semantic information for indexing and retrieval.